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If you haven’t downloaded The Vanishing Point yet, it is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Also, you can now download The Vanishing Point *Deluxe Download Card* here! It’s designed to look like a CD cover with lyrics inside. Hope you enjoy.

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THE VANISHING POINT is now available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

My next show is November 15 at the Athenaeum Library in La Jolla. This is a good alternative to club/bar shows. It’s an early start (7:30PM), it’s all ages, and the venue is absolutely gorgeous! I’m really looking forward to this.
Tickets and info here http://ljathenaeum.org/specialconcerts.html 

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THE VANISHING POINT – my new EP – is now out!

* Release show is Sept 26 at the Tin Can
* You can Order it on Bandcamp or iTunes

THE VANISHING POINT is 5 new songs, plus 2 old songs re-done. I made these recordings as a live band with a truly awesome lineup: Tyler Ward, my longtime drummer and all-around amazing musician, and Brian Holwerda and Jesse Bowen from one of my favorite bands, Blackout Party. These guys are heavily talented,  their instrumental chops and killer vocal harmonies made my songs better than ever. Before making these recordings, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of recording live as a band. But I allowed myself to be talked into it, and it was such a cool process, definitely right for these songs and this lineup of people. We even ended up keeping most of the live vocals!  Now that’s something I never thought I would do. There’s a great guest appearance by Dave Berzansky on pedal steel (on our new version of “The Last Time”). We also had Ray Suen stop in to sprinkle in some violin.  And there’s a truly trippy appearance by Al Howard on circuit-bent radio and percussion. You’ll hear his wild touch on a few of the songs. Engineer Mike Butler did a great job of capturing it all.

I’m really happy with THE VANISHING POINT. It is a snapshot of a real moment with my band. A record, in the true sense of the word. Proof of something that happened.

Photography by Rebecca Joelson / Graphic Design by Michael Delaney

Here is a sneak preview on Soundcloud.


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My release show for THE VANISHING POINT is September 26 at The Tin Can Alehouse
With Tide Pools, and The Midnight Pine

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My piano teaching business, Supertonic Studio, has a new website.


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Here’s a new take on an old favorite… remember this song? Sounds better than ever, thanks to the great players Tyler Ward, Brian Holwerda, Jesse Bowen, Dave Berzansky, and the recording talents of Mike Butler at The Lost Ark Studio.  Hope you enjoy!


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Here it is!

The Danger (To Young Love)

Video by Jared Armijo-Wardle
Song recorded by Mike Butler
Recorded and shot at The Lost Ark Studio

Joanie Mendenhall – The Danger (To Young Love) on Vimeo.


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I know this may seem strange, but I just had to do it. The official cookie for my new song The Danger…

the danger - official cookie

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Here are the lyrics for my new song The Danger (Young Love). Video release is next week!


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a pre-valentines day party, releasing my new song and video
The Danger (Young Love)

9PM FREE 21+

[ fb event page ]


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